Tuesday 2 March 2010

Next iPhone Application - FAIL!

I downloaded the Next iPhone Application the other day as I do like to have a browse around the internet, have you noticed? Anyway I thought this one would be ideal for when I'm bored or commuting and need to find a certain outfit but this is in no way a good choice. Luckily it was free or I would be really mad.

There are a number of things wrong with it, doesn't save your basket, creates a credit agreement once you purchase items without asking (!), search is glitchy. This isn't the worst aspect of the app though.

Everytime that you go into the app annoying loud music is played, it doesn't matter if your phone is on silent it still makes the noise! WTF!

Now Spurs boy knows when I'm looking on the app! I'm hoping they sort out all the problems with it asap, as frankly it's a bit of a joke. Shame though Next have got some good stuff in at the moment...

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