Wednesday 24 March 2010

Alice you're terribly late you know...naughty!

How gorgeous is this Wedgewood tea pot, I want it. Anyone would think Alice in Wonderland was out in the cinemas the amount of Alice themed items around. I'm also loving this necklace from Love Hearts and Crosses
This next item is my very best Alice in Wonderland find, how amazing are these invitations

How amazing would it be to get this invite in the post. Absolutely love them!

Whilst on the subject of Alice in Wonderland, I did see the film in 3D at the weekend and I absolutely loved it. Spurs boy and Little man also loved it and we keep reciting our favourite line from the film seen in the trailer at about 1:12 and also the title of this post. Although we can't seem to get it quite as Johnny Depp manages to say it but we wouldn't want to take that away from him!

Spurs boy bought me the Alice in Wonderland book and some other classics for Christmas, in the gorgeous new hardcover designs so I've started reading Alice again. You can't go wrong with a classic can you?

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