Tuesday 30 March 2010

Sarah Loves...Dyna-Girl

You might know that I review products for Dyna-Girl and Louisa who founded the company was the first person I met from twitter (and I mean actually met). This month's product review was a great product, Tipsy Toes

This is just the thing for when you want to paint your toenails, I find toe separators and using cotton wool in between my toes to be a chore. Also they make you walk funny! These don't, they are really comfortable and easy to put on and they were really secure so no smudging either. I've used them a few times now and definitely everyone should get a pair of these for painting your toenails. Such a great idea!

Here are some of my other favourite Dyna_Girl items;

There is much more on the Dyna-Girl website and also you can follow Louisa on twitter here

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