Thursday 25 March 2010

Do you have a handbag addiction?

I do have a few lot of handbags, and I think Spurs boy waits for me to moan about needing a new bag and then proceeds to show me all the ones sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe. Yes very clever, but they aren't the exact one that I need for this outfit/event. I need to buy a new one! Then there is the obligatory eye roll from Spurs boy and he leaves me to it.

We went to the Ideal Home Show this week, and I lost Spurs boy a number of times through the day (property is his trade and he is obsessed by gadgets etc) so I was left to wander around with my brother around the bits we wanted to see I wanted to see. I noticed as walked around there were a few pink bags that people were carrying, on closer inspection I saw the name "Miche" on the carrier bag. I was intrigued, and we kept on seeing more of these bags as we approached the Women section of the show. There was quite a crowd gathered at one of the stalls watching a demonstration of Miche, and soon enough I had joined in.

Me being good I didn't buy anything but I was intrigued by the idea. Have you got a Miche bag?

Later on in the day Spurs boy had found the stand and surprised me with a bag and three separate shells :-)) He asked me on the way home if I was going to be getting rid of any of my other bags, just who is he kidding? Haha!

For more information on these bags see the Miche Bag Website

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