Tuesday 16 March 2010

Sarah Loves... Delphic

Last night I went to see Delphic at Heaven in London last night. Spurs boy and I had booked the tickets ages ago and only remembered last week that it was coming up. We have both been a fan of their debut album and wanted to see them live.

They were as fantastic as we thought that they would be, and for the price of the tickets it was well worth it (£11 each). I like to see bands before they make the "big time", I think it's better to see them in the smaller gigs before they get to Wembley Arena or The O2 Arena.

My favourite song is "Doubt"

They have had mixed reviews for their cover of Cheryl Cole's song 3 Words for Radio 1's The Live Lounge. I'm undecided about it but that could be more to do with the fact that I didn't like the Cheryl Cole version anyway.

What do you all think? Likey or No Likey?

Also new bands I'm liking lots at the moment are Grizzly Bear and Beach House

Any other new music I should be listening to?

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Chris said...

Great album. Delphic are worth checking out live. Their tour dates and tickets here - http://bit.ly/9PqsDB