Saturday 31 October 2009


So tell me iPhone users how much do you spend on texts a month?

I decided to cut down on mine with my current new contract (you know saving the pennies!) but sending texts is kinda our lives right? I get so many free a month but have been known to go over :(

Then a friend suggested Ping! It's a iPhone and iPod Touch Application that is a mixture of text messaging and instant messenging and the best part is it's free to send the messages (Application download is 59p at the moment - bargain really!).

Ping! works with push notifications so that messages can be delivered anywhere in the world, instantly. The great thing about Ping! is you don’t have to share your phone number with anyone. Once you’ve downloaded the app you simply pick an ID (choose carefully, this can’t be changed currently) then tell your iPhone/iPod touch using friends about the app and once they install it you can send messages to eachother for free.

One of the refreshing things about this app is it's unique notification tone. A lot of apps out there use the default text messaging sound which can cause confusion, but Ping! gives us a lovely “ping ping” sound!

It's still a new application so there are a few problems, it does sometimes crash and there is a 150 word limit, although at the moment there is no visible counter yet! Hopefully an update in the future would enable picture messaging to be sent! Now that would be awesome...

Thursday 29 October 2009

24 Series 8 trailer!

I am literally so excited...Watch the trailer here

And the Award for Best Actor/Actress goes to...You!

Well Done You!

You have just been awarded best Actor/Actress. And best Director. And best original screenplay.  In fact, it’s a clean sweep. You are the best of everything in this production you refer to as simply and humbly “my life”.
Yes, we each direct the most fascinating and complex production imaginable - our lives. We write the script and choose the cast. We set the stage and make the choices. We pick out the costumes and makeup and edit the script.

Well done. Bravo!

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Chocolate Shoes!!!

Yes that's right I said Chocolate Shoes!

From Clifton Cakes these gorgeous shoes are made out of Belgian chocolate and to be honest they look too good to eat!

Each shoe is £21.50 and is about a size 4 (UK) shoe, I wouldn't recommend wearing them though!

Monday 26 October 2009

One Tree Hill Quote - Must all hearts be broken?

Voiceover by Lucas Scott

Albert Camus once wrote, "Blessed are the hearts that can bend. They shall never be broken." But I wonder.... If there's no breaking, then there's no healing. And if there's no healing, then there is no learning. And if there's no learning, then there's no struggle. But the struggle is a part of life, So must all hearts be broken ?

Friday 23 October 2009

Does anyone use a Filofax anymore?

Ok so I've been thinking about getting a new filofax and found this one, and well you know I like butterflies and it has got my name written all over it (Not literally!).

But the real question is - Does anyone use a filofax anymore?

I have an iPhone and there are plenty of apps I could get on there that would probably make the filofax obsolete. But is that a worthwhile substitute for a filofax?

So yes I'm pondering... filofax or stay with my iPhone?

The Bling and Buy Big Giveaway

Check out this competition from Bling and Buy and you could win some absolutely fab jewellery!

Entry is really easy and the prizes are amazing!

Jewellery is up for grabs from:

Temporary Secretary
Funky Junk Jewellery
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Laura's Jewellery

Here are some items that you can win! Enjoy!


Tuesday 20 October 2009

Time is everything

They say that time is money, but it’s not. Time is everything.

No matter what you are doing, you are spending time. You can’t slow down or speed up the pace of the time you spend. All you can do is increase or decrease the value of what you get for that time. If you are spending a lot of your time in drudgery work or watching a TV or computer screen, maybe you could do something to increase the value of the time you are spending. Perhaps you would like to spend more time with people, more time playing sports…whatever you enjoy doing, whatever fulfills you, that’s how you should spend your time.

Because whatever you are doing, you are spending it, and even where there is a money-back guarantee, there is no time-back option.

Thursday 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day - Recycle!

Do you recycle?

When we first got our recycling bins I think we all did the said the same thing - "What a hassle" or "I'll never remember" but now it's like recycling is habit!

Now I probably spend more time looking at different packaging and bottles to see if it can be recycled!

If you recycle one aluminium can it saves enough energy to power a television for 3 hours! Pretty impressive huh?

Here's a list of things that can be recycled:
  • plastic milk and water bottles
  • household cleaning products bottles
  • all glass packaging (bottles and jars)
  • plastic food trays and wrappings are sometimes recyclable, so check the packaging for more details
  • rinsed shampoo bottles, cardboard packaging and toilet roll tubes
  • packaging from toiletries and make-up, and unwanted clothing
  • washing powder and liquid containers
From February 2010 many shops and supermarkets that sell batteries will provide collection bins for old batteries as they can contain hazardous substances and should be got rid of safely, otherwise contact your local council as they should have either a collection scheme or a battery recycling bank.

We all have thrown away clothes in the bin, but next time think about charity shops or there are clothing banks at most supermarkets now these days. Or you could host a swap party (see more details later).

How many mobile phones have you had in the last 5 years? Did you know you can recycle old ones for cash? There are a number of websites now that offer this service; and why keep an old phone when you could use the money to treat yourself.

What do you do with used printer cartridges? Why not find your local place for refilling cartridges, you could save yourself 60% from refilling rather than buying a new one. Just think of the packaging you have saved!

My favourite way of recycling is to hold or go to a swap party! Everyone brings at least one item of clothing to swap, so instead of throwing it away someone else will get use out of it. Don't just limit it to clothes though, bags, shoes and jewellery are all good items to take. You can leave your old stuff behind and come away with a whole new outfit and - IT'S FREE! 

So start recycling now!

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Halo - Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley James Scott, One Tree Hill) A song from the show

I never promised you a ray of light, 
I never promised there'd be sunshine everyday, 
I give you everything I have, the good, the bad. 
Why do you put me on a pedestal, 
I'm so up high that I can't see the ground below, 
So help me down you've got it wrong, I don't belong there. 

One thing is clear, 
I wear a halo, 
I wear a halo when you look at me, 
But standing from here, you wouldn't say so 
you wouldn't say so, if you were me 
And I, I just wanna love you, 
Oh oh I, I just wanna love you 

I always said that I would make mistakes, 
I'm only human, and that's my saving grace, 
I fall as hard as I try 
So don't be blinded 
See me as I really am, I have flaws and sometimes I even sin, 
so pull me from that pedestal, 
I don't belong there. 

One thing is clear, 
I wear a halo, 
I wear a halo when you look at me, 
But standing from here, you wouldn't say so 
you wouldn't say so, if you were me 
And I, I just wanna love you, 
Oh oh I, I just wanna love you 

Why you think that you know me 
But In your eyes 
I am something above you 
It's only in your mind 
Only in your mind 
I wear a 
I wear a 
I wear a Halo 

Monday 12 October 2009

HELP - Golf Advice needed

If you have been following me on Twitter you may have noticed I've been talking about Golf a bit in the last week or so. Well I'm far from a Pro and up until last Thursday; the last time I had played was over 3 years ago. I used to play for fun with friends and now have been asked to be in a team match next May, playing for a charity of my choice.

I first of all laughed off the opportunity as I hadn't played for ages but I then thought about it more and realised it would be fun and after a trip to TopGolf in Watford I feel much more confident in myself. I didn't score too highly at TopGolf but it wasn't too bad, I was though way of what my friend scored but then he has been playing for about 10 years.

I'm going again to TopGolf this week with some friends, one of them I will be competing against in this match in May so this should be fun!

I realise I have quite a lot of time to practise before the actual event and so I was wondering if anyone has any tips?

There is the decision also about what to wear for this match! Being a girl that was one of the first things that I did think about, stupid huh? But it's something to definitely consider

I'll keep you updated on my progress both practising and deciding on what to wear - as you're obviously all interested in both, haha! Also I'll post up more details when I know details about the match etc

Can you tell that my overall fear has become excitement? 

So I'll be interested in any help that you may have. What's best and what's not?


Friday 9 October 2009

Thorntons Chocolate Blocks

Now I love chocolate and well who doesn't? But these are an absolute dream and there is so much choice. Check out this list (yum yum!)

Limited Edition Raspberry Chocolate Block
Hazelnut and Raisin Chocolate Block
Strawberry Milk Chocolate
Lightly Salted Macadamia Dark Chocolate
Venezuela Milk Chocolate
Tonka Milk Chocolate
Chilli Dark Chocolate Block
Belgian Milk Chocolate Block
French Dark Chocolate Block
85% Extra Dark Chocolate Block
Ecuador Milk Chocolate Block
Belgian White Chocolate Block
Fairtrade Organic Milk Chocolate Block
Fairtrade Organic Dark Chocolate Block

Fairtrade Organic White Chocolate Block
Mint in Dark Chocolate Block

Fudge in Milk Chocolate Block

Ginger in Dark Chocolate Block

Special Toffee in Milk Chocolate Block

AntioxiChoc Dark Berryboost Chocolate Block

Balsamic in Dark Chocolate Block

Orange and Cardamom Chocolate Block

I haven't tried them all (yet!) but the ones I have are absolutely devine!

You can buy them as a single block or as a complete set, or in other selected sets (gourmet, milk and dark). Make a great treat for yourself or as a gift (Don't forget Christmas is coming...)

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Ups and Downs

Up escalator. Down escalator. No, that’s not the name of a new Dr. Seuss book. It’s a pairing of two very handy mechanisms that are both quite necessary. True, we could survive without escalators, but we would still need to go up and down stairs…you can’t just keep going up.

In life, we need both ups and downs. If you plan to chase happiness means that you’ll try to avoid all downs, you are in for trouble.

Downs are inevitable. Things happen that just don’t go your way, and human beings are hard wired to react. When someone close to you passes away or just goes away, you are supposed to feel down. When someone hurts you. When a friend fails. When you fail. When traffic is particularly thick or your wallet is particularly thin. There are so many times when you will feel down.

Yes, even the happiest people feel down.

But a happy person does not stay down long. A happy person moves fairly soon from mourning a loss to celebrating a life. From feeling like a failure to grasping the lesson and renewing his determination. From feeling frustrated to just letting the universe unfold.

Up. Down. They are both fine - just depends on how long you stay down for...