Friday 31 August 2012

Coming soon... The Friday File

I have a few celebrity male favourites. You may have noticed...

Or if you haven't, you soon will.

Next Friday will see the first candidate up for your viewing pleasure and I bet you can't guess who it's going to be can you?

Didn't think so ;-)


Wednesday 29 August 2012

When is your productivity at its best?

My productivity levels are pretty low, in fact after a couple of weeks I have worked out that if I haven't organised myself by 9am the day is actually lost. Yep 9am. Some people aren't even up by then and I'm already done for the day.

I still meditate in the mornings and I always sit with my notebook and pen after and literally write down everything in my head. It's a mess and I have to organise the mess, it takes time but soon I'm sorted. Also I come up with ideas, like taking over the world or what superhero power I would most like to have. You know the important stuff ;-)

After 9am I'm in procrastination mode, I struggle with concentration and anything shiny takes my attention. That and the bag of haribo in my desk drawer.... I do pick up a bit after lunch for about an hour before I start clock watching. You can see this is a terrible work day right? Oopsies.

My productivity increases again at about 11pm as long as I'm not sleepy or already asleep. It's a good job that I can get my work done mostly in my windows of productivity. Otherwise I'd be in a bit of trouble with my boss...

When is your productivity at its best?


Monday 27 August 2012

Music Monday: Phil Collins and Philip Bailey - Easy Lover

"She's the kind of girl you dream of
Dream of keeping hold of
You'd better forget it
You'll never get it
She will play around and leave you
Leave you and deceive you
Better forget it
Oh you'll regret it"

I don't go out of my way to listen to this song (I know and I really should!) but when I do hear it I suddenly get dancing. Yep. Dancing. I'm an embarrassment at times, especially if it comes on in a shop, I like to think I disguise my dancing well in public and just do a bit of a shimmy...

That's some Monday morning tunage right there :-)


Friday 24 August 2012

See! I told you

When my brother says "See! I told you" he really did tell me but him being correct is slightly error ridden. I've mentioned a few times that my brother has Downs and his being right most of the time comes from an addictive side to him feeding himself information. He's sports mad like me but he takes more of it in, his memory is different to mine. He might be able to take you through the running order of the Manchester United Treble DVD and who scores each goal for both teams but he can't tell you which of our players are midfielders or strikers. His football knowledge expands further than just Manchester United and if you ask him about a random footballer he'll name all the teams he's played for. Unless he's really not interested in even bothering to tell you a certain footballers career.

He has always loved goals and the same for strikers, although he didn't know that's their position title! For years he loved Michael Owen whilst he netted goals for Liverpool and Newcastle and I would squirm as it made me uncomfortable. When Michael Owen came to United it felt a bit like fate, his shirt was bought quickly and despite the fact now that Owen has left he understands why. Or more so he knew that we would be getting someone else...

He can't really read full sentences but he can read enough to work out a headline or opening paragraph in a football article. About two weeks ago he was adamant that the paper said Van Persie was coming, I read the article and read it out loud which was something like "talks are ongoing about a move for Van Persie to Manchester United". My brother just took the last 8 words and it was done!

When it was announced that Van Persie had passed his medical and had officially signed I went to see my brother to share the news. I was beyond giddy and he said "See! I told you" but that was it. The excitement factor wasn't there, it had happened weeks ago for him and there I was bouncing off the walls because NOW it had happened.

It's not his fault and in many ways I should know that when my brother says something is going to happen, it means that there is a high chance that it will. Although I do like hearing "See! I told you" because it's accompanied with the biggest grin.

Plus Van Persie... WOW!


Wednesday 22 August 2012

Why? Why? Why?

I was tagged by Sassy's World for this "Why?" meme. We've all got why's that remain a confusion and mostly unanswered but now someone might have an answer, maybe. If you do then please comment below.

The rules;

1. Post your whys - as many or as few as you like
2. Link your post to Mummy Central 
3. Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going
4. Feel free to leave your questions below if you aren't a blogger but demand some answers!

- Why when I fill the washing machine and check that I've put all the clothes in and started the machine do I find that odd sock just sitting there on the floor? I can hear it laughing at me...
- Why when I really decide on something in a restaurant or pub do I hear the words... "sorry we've no *insert food choice* tonight. Gah! I really wanted it!
- Why does my handwriting start pretty neat and then a couple of lines later it becomes unreadable and just scribble?
- Why when I've watered the garden after a really hot day with no rain forecast does it decide to heavily pour with rain just as I have got back inside?
- Why when I really want that last chocolate eclair has someone already eaten it?
- Why does my football team lose? ;-)
- Why when I need to go into my bank are they closed for an un-scheduled meeting?
- Why are all the best foods so full of calories?
- Why can I not find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
- Why can I not find my keys?

I've lost count of who has done this meme, so if you fancy having a go then please drop me a comment below so I can see it :-)


Monday 20 August 2012

Music Monday: Ian Brown - Stellify

I decided to tweak my exercise routine with a bit of inspiration from the Olympics. Well it was before then really, I've bought an exercise bike with the aim to get myself bike fit. I went out for a slow ride on my friend's bike last week and even a slow ride got me ever so out of breath. So I'm cycling every day now and I rely on music to keep me motivated and when I was having a real "I can't reach my cycling goal" today this song came on my iPod.

It's not very motivational sounding but that beat and catchy lyrics got me to reach my cycling goal. It might even be my "panic I'm not going to make my goal" song from now on.

Plus it's Ian Brown. Legend.


Friday 17 August 2012

New! Walkers Deep Ridged Crisps

I love it when Sam from Walkers Crisps asks me if I want to review the latest crisp range, I always reply straight away and pretty much sit and wait for them to arrive. These new deep ridged ones had me very intrigued as they have ridges that are 8mm deeper than other ridge crisps available. You probably like me think of McCoys when you think of ridged crisps but can Walkers stand up to them or maybe even do better?

The crisps come in Ready Salted (only in multipacks), Salt and Malt Vinegar, Mature Cheddar and Onion and Flame Grilled Steak. I'm not a great salt and vinegar fan so they were always going to have to excel my very large expectations. That's the thing with these crisps they are deep ridged but also said to be bold in their flavour. They really are that!

I found the Salt and Malt Vinegar was very strong and overpowering but like I said I'm not a fan and won't eat them out of choice normally. The Flame Grilled Steak was as steak flavoured and smelly as the McCoys version, you really have to fumigate when you've eaten these. The smell lingers! The mature cheddar and onion were very tasty, a real kick of cheese! Again quite smelly though...

The Mature Cheddar & Onion Deep Ridged Crisps from Walkers Crisps

I found them to be crunchy at the first bite but they seem to dissolve away in my mouth. Not sure if that was the intention but it happened with each of the flavours I tried. I'm not sure if these would be a good alternative to McCoys, the dissolve crunch was a bit disappointing but the flavours are bold, if smelly!


Wednesday 15 August 2012

Olympic withdrawals

I'm in major withdrawal from the Olympics being over, I knew I would watch it but I didn't realise how it would consume me for the whole two weeks. It really did inspire a nation and I've noticed people are looking at their own goals and not just in sport. People have seen dreams made before their eyes. Just with effort and determination you can succeed.

From the fabulous opening ceremony I've been hooked both on TV and going into London whenever I can. I was lucky to have tickets before the Games started and was lucky again to pick more up through the two weeks. I've cried, shouted and even jumped up and down at Team GB's success. I've also done the same for the other great athletes of London 2012, especially Usain Bolt. Seriously we knew he was fast, but whoosh!

I have found the two weeks to be a great advert for what we can do as a nation both in making these Games happen but also what we can do for the future. London 2012's legacy isn't in the stadiums involved (which are fantastic) but in the people. We need to get behind Team GB today, tomorrow and always.

Can't wait for the Paralympics Games which have already outsold previous Paralympic Games. So proud of what every single one of us have achieved! Give yourself a pat on the back :-)


Monday 13 August 2012

Music Monday: John Lennon - Imagine

You, you may say I'm a dreamer, 

but I'm not the only one

I hope some day you'll join us 

And the world will be as one

London 2012 Olympic Games were amazing and we've still got the Paralympic Games to go!

Well done Britain!




Friday 10 August 2012

Re-igniting my twitter timeline

Let's be honest twitter is all a bit silly isn't it?

I'm now into my fourth year on twitter and I have such a love/hate relationship with it at times. This isn't always about the actual service that twitter provides but people that I have been following recently have suddenly become absolutely consumed by the twitter in their phone. I'll check in or lurk as it's called by us trendy peeps and sometimes I just scroll on by, recently I found myself just scrolling and closing the app.

This was partly because I am boring. Do people really want to know what I had for dinner or what random dream I had, well sometimes people do. Weird people. Sometimes I'll write a tweet and think to myself "who cares?" and other times I'll send it with a "whatever, I'm sending it" attitude. My timeline is very active during the football season and also during the non football season. I've wanted to ban the RT method several times as people feel the need to RT loads of tweets or tweets that are abusive. I've even had to mute the c-word as I found my eyes were burning one morning before 10am. I can choose who I follow obviously and sometimes I question that when I see my TL is irritable, sometimes abusive but always passionate.

With the new football season looming I have got to using lists a lot better, I've unfollowed people who I didn't interact with and who felt the need to RT like mad on a hourly rate. There is no wrong or right way to be on twitter (except for those obviously who disobey the rules and are abusive) and I definitely don't keep to any "right" code. Twitter is individual and it's your timeline and as much as everyone else can tweet whatever they want to, it is up to you what you follow/read.

Twitter like life is about what you put into it, if you don't like it - change it.

I need to go eat some cake as I'm late in celebrating my third twit-day. Nom noms!


Wednesday 8 August 2012

Almost time for the new Football season

The Premier League football season is almost back. Almost. The summer gap between the season's end and the new one seem to take longer and longer each time. The transfer gossip gets insane and more ludicrous also. The desire to watch football, any football is there and you know that no matter what - nothing compares to seeing your own team play. Nothing.

The glimpses of pre-season football give you a taste of what is yet to come but it's not quite the same as proper matches. It's much closer now and for me I am counting sleeps and wondering if I can borrow a time machine to make the time go quicker.

In the meantime I will sort out my old football shirts, some of mine now need a bit of needle and thread action (!?!) due to them being very old now. I also might invest into a new shirt, although I'm not totally loving the new shirt so I'll maybe look at one of the retro shirts. Much to ponder on the shirt front! Then I need to look at my fantasy teams and set up a reminder for them each week as I have a habit of forgetting about them after Christmas! Doh!

Sorting my fantasy teams and my shirt will probably take some time as I'll get distracted by some other memorabilia or a stupid headline on the Fantasy Football page. This is good. Football is almost back and Manchester United want their trophy back!


Monday 6 August 2012

Music Monday: Feist - Graveyard

Yes I know this isn't the happiest song or title for a Music Monday but hear me out first. I was clearing through a very packed sky+ and came across the last few episodes of the recent Grey's Anatomy series. As usual another highly emotive series end to one of my favourite TV programmes.

As for Grey's Anatomy and this song; *obviously a spoiler*

Yep, need tissues!


Friday 3 August 2012

Sarah Loves... The Big Bang Theory

I absolutely love this series. If I ever need cheering up I always turn to The Big Bang Theory. For me it has probably replaced Friends in my sitcom favourites. I didn't watch the series from when it first started but a friend had suggested I watch it from the start when they were just starting showing season two. I was hooked and also a little in love with Leonard. Yup, Leonard.

Leonard and Penny's will they/won't they relationship could be seen to parallel alongside Ross and Rachel from Friends. With Sheldon being the highly eccentric quirky character and Jim Parsons who plays him so well is obviously the star of the show. That said the whole cast is superb and although Sheldon's moments are amongst the favourite ones on the show with Leonard, Penny, Howard and Rajesh they make the perfect cast of geeky nerds.

I can't quite work out my all time favourite Big Bang Theory moment although Sheldon's valium and Batman admission and then him in the ballpit shouting bazinga are up there on my list. But I've just got to put 'soft kitty' as my favourite part, who else gets it sung to them when they are sick now? I do!

I especially like it when Sheldon and Penny sing it as a round :-)

Oh yeah the other reason I love Big Bang Theory is my girl crush on Kaley Cuoco. Wowzers.


Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Queen, James Bond, Mr Bean and Beckham on a boat

That's a blog headline I never thought I'd be writing!

There had been much speculation surrounding the Opening Ceremony to London 2012, with not only the cost being discussed as being a complete waste in our current economic climate. Also it was how Danny Boyle would manage to put this event together, HOW? It seemed under some destiny that we were about to fail on the biggest night in our current sporting history. I was also highly sceptical and as usual was proved wrong.

I sat spellbound for most parts of the Opening Ceremony and yes I'd even like the chance to sit and watch it again. I'm sure I missed parts but I don't think I'll ever get over these three parts of the ceremony and they only will really count for the first time I saw them;

1. As shown above. The James Bond and The Queen scene. It was actually The Queen, come on you like me expected it to be an actress too right? Total amazeballs.

2. MR BEAN. The moment I saw him I just let out a very loud "HAAAAAAAAA" noise. Brilliant!

3. Beckham on a boat. WHOA! I'd become worried that Beckham was going to light the Olympic cauldron and I didn't think he was the right person. He said he had a secret role and I think everyone was shouting "oh wow" when they saw him in the boat on The Thames with the flame. Oh wow. Did I mention he was in a suit?

Sure it still cost a lot of money but my twitter timeline where I follow people from around the world was praising our ceremony. OUR ceremony. We weren't a laughing stock and I felt proud. Even if Boyle felt the need to put the child catcher in the ceremony and make me shriek I was thoroughly proud of what our ceremony was telling the world.

The Olympics had really been the sofa Olympics for me but I'm off to a few events during the Olympics and Paralympic Games so I don't feel such a slouch ;-)

I have to add a teeny tiny mention about Sir Paul McCartney, I do love The Beatles and yes he's a massive music icon and focal point for the UK. But... I have to say every time 'Hey Jude' gets rolled out for these "events" it loses the emotion of the song. But I do still end up singing along...