Friday, 17 August 2012

New! Walkers Deep Ridged Crisps

I love it when Sam from Walkers Crisps asks me if I want to review the latest crisp range, I always reply straight away and pretty much sit and wait for them to arrive. These new deep ridged ones had me very intrigued as they have ridges that are 8mm deeper than other ridge crisps available. You probably like me think of McCoys when you think of ridged crisps but can Walkers stand up to them or maybe even do better?

The crisps come in Ready Salted (only in multipacks), Salt and Malt Vinegar, Mature Cheddar and Onion and Flame Grilled Steak. I'm not a great salt and vinegar fan so they were always going to have to excel my very large expectations. That's the thing with these crisps they are deep ridged but also said to be bold in their flavour. They really are that!

I found the Salt and Malt Vinegar was very strong and overpowering but like I said I'm not a fan and won't eat them out of choice normally. The Flame Grilled Steak was as steak flavoured and smelly as the McCoys version, you really have to fumigate when you've eaten these. The smell lingers! The mature cheddar and onion were very tasty, a real kick of cheese! Again quite smelly though...

The Mature Cheddar & Onion Deep Ridged Crisps from Walkers Crisps

I found them to be crunchy at the first bite but they seem to dissolve away in my mouth. Not sure if that was the intention but it happened with each of the flavours I tried. I'm not sure if these would be a good alternative to McCoys, the dissolve crunch was a bit disappointing but the flavours are bold, if smelly!


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