Wednesday 29 August 2012

When is your productivity at its best?

My productivity levels are pretty low, in fact after a couple of weeks I have worked out that if I haven't organised myself by 9am the day is actually lost. Yep 9am. Some people aren't even up by then and I'm already done for the day.

I still meditate in the mornings and I always sit with my notebook and pen after and literally write down everything in my head. It's a mess and I have to organise the mess, it takes time but soon I'm sorted. Also I come up with ideas, like taking over the world or what superhero power I would most like to have. You know the important stuff ;-)

After 9am I'm in procrastination mode, I struggle with concentration and anything shiny takes my attention. That and the bag of haribo in my desk drawer.... I do pick up a bit after lunch for about an hour before I start clock watching. You can see this is a terrible work day right? Oopsies.

My productivity increases again at about 11pm as long as I'm not sleepy or already asleep. It's a good job that I can get my work done mostly in my windows of productivity. Otherwise I'd be in a bit of trouble with my boss...

When is your productivity at its best?


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