Saturday 8 August 2015

You are what you listen to...

This is a quote I see many times on Pinterest, not always the same picture but the words are the same. I've thought more and more about music this year; how it affects my mood, how it can change that mood. Mostly it's been because I'm trying to do the 'tracks of my years' and it's taking me a long time. I've only just got to my teens in writing it all down! 

There have been two other things that have put music into the forefront again. Two funerals this year (I realise a funeral is not a 'thing' it's more than that, I just can't type what I mean) have made me think about other people's music. I was asked to help sort the music for both, it felt weird for me to think about the choices because some of them didn't reflect their later years. 

That's when I thought again about my music choices, there are some that horrify me and there's quite a lot I wouldn't want played at my funeral either.    I can also understand why people say what music they want, even though I admit when people tell me I try to talk about something else because of the awkwardness. 

I think music does reflect a lot of who you are. But it changes and grows, just like we do as people over the years. Some music will embarrass us and others will take you back to that first moment that you heard it with a big smile. 

I also like that there's always something in a record collection that will surprise someone else. What would yours be?