Monday 28 October 2013

Music Monday: Ben Pearce - What I Might Do

I find myself switching genres of music at a very random rate, the albums I have been listening to recently have been The Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and Miles Kane. So how did this dance track get in my head? I don't really know, except that it's got a really catchy tune with it. Also I love a song that has levels that continue to build through and through. Yep, music geek alert!

But I love this!

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Friday 25 October 2013

The Friday File #50 - Jamie Dornan

It seems quite timely that this week is #50 in my Friday File blogs and the new Fifty Shades of Grey actor is to be Jamie Dornan. Swoon alert. You might know him from the film Marie Antoinette and also on TV in Once Upon a Time and the BBC's The Fall.

I had previously 'showcased' the other Fifty Shades man here (Charlie Hunnam) but I think everyone is more than happy with Jamie ;-)

Monday 21 October 2013

Music Monday: James Arthur - You're Nobody Til' Somebody Loves You

I didn't really watch much of X Factor last year but as I have written before it was clear that James Arthur was the stand out talent from the bunch. I have been watching this X Factor this year as I do have a soft spot for Mrs O (Sharon Osbourne), I just think she brings a bit of fun back into the show. I do like the groups this year and also Tamera is good, the rest have passed me by so far...

Anyway James!

The single is out now and I am happy that they are letting him make the music he wants to, he's not your average X Factor winner and I like that.

Friday 18 October 2013

The Friday File #49 - Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I have already featured the lovely Henry Cavill in my Friday File selections and here I am (finally!) with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. You will recognise him from the films, Velvet Goldmine, Mission Impossible III, Bend it like Beckham, Match Point and the TV mini-series Elvis. In The Tudors (with Henry Cavill) he played King Henry VIII. He will soon be on Sky Living in the NBC's Dracula. Can't wait!

Monday 14 October 2013

Music Monday: Gary Barlow - Let Me Go

As it is suddenly colder in the UK I have found that my iPod had started to play a lot of music that wasn't exactly uplifting recently. Cheers iPod, way to improve my mood! Then I saw Gary Barlow's new song was out and I went over to YouTube and I love it (obviously). It's got a bit of quirky video mixed with emotional lyrics BUT it's got a good beat with it too. I love it. I said that already.

Taken from the upcoming album Since I Last Saw You - released November 25th 2013

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Friday 11 October 2013

The Friday File #48 - Jack Davenport

With the new ITV programme Breathless starting this week, there are now TWO opportunities to see the lovely Jack Davenport on my TV screen. He is also on Sky 1 in Smash.

I loved the series, This Life and have recently purchased the boxset, he further went on to star in Coupling which I also loved. He has also made it to the big screen in the Pirates of the Caribbean series and The Talented Mr Ripley. He also starred in FlashForward which was disappointingly stopped after just one season. He also does voice over work and narrations too.

He was also the stand in singer in the Snow Patrol music video, Called out in the dark

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Don't Tweet That!

Over my 4 and a half year stint on Twitter I have seen many things (some I definitely did not want or need to see) and others that were downright barmy. I have selected five things that I see on twitter that make me shake my head. Although I probably need to get out more ;-)

Toilet Tweets

No one needs to read about your toilet behaviours. We all 'go' but you don't need to tell us when. Thanks!

Putting your location on and going on holiday

I have to say I'm not sure why people want to let the internet know where they are all the time. The location info on some tweets is a little too accurate for me and with my iPhone a wrong press and I have the details of how to get to your house. Yes, really! It makes me panic as I don't want this information but some are so ready to give it out. Also beware when you leave your location on and then say you're off on holiday and write the dates. You probably wouldn't think people would be so silly but it happens.

Monday 7 October 2013

Music Monday: Fleetwood Mac - Big Love

I have had a terrible musical ear worm problem recently, although I don't mind really but I have had several days of certain songs being stuck in my head! One of these involved the annoying new Lotto song, shut up!

I digress...

So Big Love was in my head last Monday through the day but not like a permanent ear worm. More like a random burst of lyrics type of ear worm. Yes I do that :-) So after watching the Everton v Newcastle game the song came back into my head and then Sky picked it for the end credits of the game. I swear my house is bugged ;-)

Taken from the album Tango in the Night

I mentioned the new Lotto song earlier and have you noticed that it doesn't really mention that it is going up to £2 from £1. Not a great increase but I think I might switch to doing the Thunderball or maybe I should just save my pounds. Hmm. Still undecided.

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Friday 4 October 2013

The Friday File #47 - Jenson Button

So after I posted my Friday File on Mark Webber I had better get to Jenson hadn't I? Beautiful Jenson.  It always makes me laugh to read that Jenson failed his first driving test for parking too close to another car - but I guess you don't really need parking in F1 do you? ;-)

He's having quite a rocky time with his car for McLaren but he's a good driver and seems to be getting the best from the car that he can. But I'm biased.

So here is lovely Jenson...

Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Shark Problem

I am playing this down as it's not so much of a problem than a full blown phobia. I do not like sharks, they give me a very irrational fear that if I was to ever see one up close without glass between us I would probably faint. Or worse, be eaten. I don't know when this all started but I could blame the Jaws films or the theme tune from the films.

I cannot watch the films, although I have done but I find hiding under a blanket with my book is far more enjoyable. You know, when you want to say "Yes I watched it with you" with 'watched' being used in a very loose term... I avoid the shark displays at Aquarium's and I have been known to walk quickly but quietly over the bridges above their displays in certain Sea Life Centres and shouted back that I will meet everyone else in the next display area. I prefer little Nemo's and Dory's.

If you hum the Jaws theme at me I will be likely to give you the mean eyes or friendly punch you in the stomach until you stop. I have also had countless nightmares about being eaten by a shark, I still get them now. Horrible! The most stupid thing really is that the chance of me being eaten by a shark are incredibly slim. I don't live by the sea and when I do go into the sea I don't go in shark infested waters so this fear isn't to me as bad as those who are afraid of heights for example. Some people have to encounter their fears every day and mine is one that comes back every now and then...