Monday, 7 October 2013

Music Monday: Fleetwood Mac - Big Love

I have had a terrible musical ear worm problem recently, although I don't mind really but I have had several days of certain songs being stuck in my head! One of these involved the annoying new Lotto song, shut up!

I digress...

So Big Love was in my head last Monday through the day but not like a permanent ear worm. More like a random burst of lyrics type of ear worm. Yes I do that :-) So after watching the Everton v Newcastle game the song came back into my head and then Sky picked it for the end credits of the game. I swear my house is bugged ;-)

Taken from the album Tango in the Night

I mentioned the new Lotto song earlier and have you noticed that it doesn't really mention that it is going up to £2 from £1. Not a great increase but I think I might switch to doing the Thunderball or maybe I should just save my pounds. Hmm. Still undecided.

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