Monday 31 December 2012

My Favourite Television Programmes of 2012

I am not sure I can put together just one simple Top 5 for TV programmes from this year but I will try.

5. Person of Interest

"You are being watched. The government has a secret system: a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. I know because I built it. I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything. Violent crimes involving ordinary people, people like you. Crimes the government considered irrelevant. They wouldn't act, so I decided I would. But I needed a partner, someone with the skills to intervene. Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret. You'll never find us, but victim or perpetrator, if your number's up... we'll find you". - Season one opening voice-over by Mr. Finch

I rarely watch Channel 5 but a rare channel hop and I caught the trailer for the season premiere of Person of Interest. I thought I'd add it to my Sky+ and if it was rubbish I could delete it. It wasn't rubbish, in fact it's pretty great TV.

Friday 28 December 2012

My Favourite Films of 2012

How can you sort the best films of this year... HOW?

Ok I will try to make some kind of Top 5.

5. The Hobbit

I still can't quite believe they have managed to break this into more than one movie but I did really enjoy it. Although my bottom is not made for sitting for so long (it's unbelievable based on its size!) but anyway!

Thursday 27 December 2012

My Favourite Songs from 2012

Another year gone, another whole bunch of songs that I have loved and hated. We won't concentrate on the latter ones, here is my list of the best from 2012;

Monday 24 December 2012

Music Monday: Michael Buble - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...



Tomorrow it's Christmas.



Friday 21 December 2012

The Friday File #16 - Richard Armitage

I somehow missed the series 'North and South' so it wasn't really until Armitage played Guy of Gisborne in 'Robin Hood' that I first saw him. He then joined one of my favourite TV series 'Spooks' and then also 'Strike Back'. His role in 'Strike Back' was made smaller after he got 'The Hobbit' part of Thorin Oakensfield. I have since watched North and South and I am so very glad that I did ;-)

Monday 17 December 2012

Music Monday: Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry

I've written many a time about songs that seem to follow you and this Christmas season it's 'Stop the cavalry'. I swear the song follows me in Tesco's EVERY time I go in there. I move out of one musical part of the store to one song just ending only for this one to be the next one played.

I get the tune in my head.

It's in there now.

You've got it now, haven't you?


Friday 14 December 2012

The Friday File #15 - Gerard Butler

There is a new Gerard Butler film out early in January and apparently it's bad. Real bad. I mean come on this guy is seriously hot but his movie choices have been off. He received critical acclaim for Phantom of the Opera and more recognition for the movie 300. But not really much else... but LOOK at him.

Oh and he was born in Paisley.

Monday 10 December 2012

Music Monday: Bruno Mars - Locked out of heaven

I absolutely love Bruno Mars and after last week's catchy tune, here's another. It does sound like 'Roxanne' from the Police and apparently that wasn't planned...

Anyway I end up singing this loudly in the car when it comes on the radio.

I sing it too loud... I really need to stop that.



Friday 7 December 2012

The Friday File #14 - Stephen Amell

There's a chance that you will have read this week's Friday File and thought "Who?", I only found out his name last night so don't worry. Amell plays Oliver Queen in "Arrow", based on the DC Comics Green Arrow character. My current TV obsessions are a long list and are the reason that my Sky+ sits at a very uncomfortable 11% free. Eeeeeek!

Monday 3 December 2012

Music Monday: McFly - Love Is easy

McFly make some catchy tunes, don't they?

Love is easy is another catchy tune and I love the video. They take you through the history of the band, through album covers and of course being King of the Jungle and winning the Strictly Disco ball.

The tune is stupid catchy.

"Do do do do do do"

Those boys look good in suits...



Friday 30 November 2012

The Friday File #13 - Channing Tatum

Getting voted People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive is a sure way to get attention, Channing Tatum has been catching my eye long before this accolade ;-)

Films like "She's The Man", "The Vow" and of course "Magic Mike" *swoons* have made him very much on my radar and whilst 13 is unlucky for some but not for us right now :-)

Monday 26 November 2012

Music Monday: The Lumineers - Stubborn Love

I absolutely love this band. Booked to see them next year, cannot wait!



Friday 23 November 2012

The Friday File #12 - David Beckham

David Beckham is always big headline news but this week he's everywhere as he's announced he's leaving LA Galaxy but where next? Every club is probably going to get linked with him until he announces where he is off to. France? Spain? Australia? Staying in the US or is he indeed coming back home to the UK?

Can't beat a bit of Becks ;-)

Monday 19 November 2012

Music Monday: Gabrielle Aplin - The Power of love

The song features in the Christmas John Lewis advert and helps bring home the emotion and pure joy that Christmas can bring to you. The first time I saw the advert I couldn't help but do a great big "awwwwww" at the end and also wipe away a few tears. So simple. So lovely. So expensive to make! 

The song 'The Power of Love' was of course a Frankie Goes to Hollywood song but now sung slower it seems to take new life. A female voice takes the song back to its original edge and you feel the words pass through you with almost a chill and then your heart lurches with emotion.


"Make Love Your Goal"

I think the John Lewis advert and of course the Coca Cola adverts are my favourites this year. Marks and Spencer's one is particularly weak although they get massive props for including a child with Downs Syndrome, even though it wasn't their own idea really.

Also check out more from Gabrielle Aplin on her YouTube channel

 "Dreams are like angels..."


Friday 16 November 2012

The Friday File #11 - Bradley Cooper

Oh Bradley how I love thee...

He has a new film out (Silver Linings) and I don't know if it's good or bad but I will be seeing it, this weekend! I actually remember seeing him in an episode of Sex & the City YEARS ago and thinking "who is that guy" and now he's pretty much everywhere. It was the movie 'The Hangover' which pushed him into the Hollywood limelight and of course Wedding Crashers, Limitless, The A-Team and He's Just Not That Into You.

He's dreamy.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

My Blogging Manual

With the Google Panda, Penguin, Elephant, Squirrel updates making the internet a bit of a nightmare for some bloggers and website owners I thought I'd share a few of my tips. I've had this space on the internet now for over three years and I've learnt a lot about myself and what you lot who take the time to come back like and don't like. So here are my tips;

Make a series 

I have a very successful Music Monday post and a very new but very popular Friday File. I've had other series in the past which might come back at some point but these two are my regular ones for now. People like routine and you can plan these weeks in advance. You're more likely to get people looking through at the rest of the series if they visit your page just once. You can create your own series on hop on with others, the main ones are the photo only posts called Silent Sunday and Wordless Wednesday.

Follow other bloggers

There's a great blogging community out there and you'll find you've got a great support system there. Some will ask you for advice and others will be on hand when you can't work out why your image won't centre properly. There are so many ways to follow each other through social networking as well as the blog itself. There is the argument that you should follow those in the same category as yours which is true but also follow the things that you love, I follow a lot of food blogs. I love food (have you noticed?).

Take the time to say hello

Like the above comment, don't just follow and leave. Say hello. There's more of a chance that you'll get talking more if you make an effort. I've gained lots of blog friends this way across many social networks. If you read something and it really makes you think "That's brilliant" or you have the answer the blogger needs - COMMENT!

Get personal

I've got personal a few times on here and each time it has been greatly received. People shared back and I know it helped me and others. I would recommend using your writing at times to be personal but be careful to balance it with some "normal" stuff. People don't want to just read about issues all the time.

Find a second outlet

Some people just have their blog and that's it. For me, I find Tumblr and Pinterest are my other outlets, I can send this blog across them and get more followers and friends and also get to curate other things that I love. Food... mainly :-) Make sure again you balance a "bit of your own blog" with "other stuff". Don't get too promotional all the time and people will just love you. Ok, like you a bit ;-)


I've had writers block a few times and it can be so frustrating! Now I've found that reading helps; blogs, books, newspapers. Reading content every day will help you to come up with some ideas for future posts. I also find listening to music helps me to focus on writing. When you're reading blogs, take the time to read the comments. Normally find some real gems in the comments on some of the tech blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch.


Having your own space on the internet can be quite overwhelming at times, yes it can! Just remember to be yourself and people will appreciate your honesty and opinion.

So Google Animal updates might be making some people's heads spin but I think going back to those above tips might help you to keep you smiling for now. Now does anyone want to send me a real panda or a penguin?


Monday 12 November 2012

Music Monday - Calvin Harris Feat. Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing

I'm a big fan of Florence and actually of Calvin Harris. I can get my dance groove on you know ;-) So obviously I was going to love this song, and I do!

It's pretty much on loop on my iPod at the moment, love it!


Friday 9 November 2012

The Friday File #10 - Paul Walker

Friday File has reached double digits and by looks of my stats I'm not the only one enjoying these so they are staying. I know you're so relieved. This week is Paul Walker, oh how I wish to meet him one day. I really loved the Fast and the Furious film series and the next one is due for release next year, YES!

Updated 1st December 2013 - Paul Walker died on November 30th 2013 as the passenger of a car accident. His friend who was driving also died. Rest in peace Paul.

Monday 5 November 2012

Music Monday: Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande - Beneath Your Beautiful

If you ignore the "your" "you're" mess surrounding this song and just enjoy the song it's another absolute gem by Emeli Sande. 2012 really has been her year and I do love this song and Labrinth brings a new depth and style to this.

Oh and it's quite clearly "your" once you've listened to the lyrics fully ;-)


Saturday 3 November 2012

Singing in the shower?

Who doesn't love singing in the shower?


We all love a good sing song and this cute shower radio is just the right thing to help you with the greatest backing singers in the world. Now the radio is a blue tap... LOOK!

It's a blue tap!

Now I've used various shower radio's and I've never been happy. But this one was a lot clearer on FM but didn't get much luck on AM but that just might be in my bathroom. I'll admit I don't normally use AM so I don't know as I just used both for this review.

I had real difficulties getting this to stick on my tiles with the suction caps. It seemed too heavy and it fell off once and it kinda chinked a corner of the radio :-( But I like having it by the taps and the volume settings are pretty good so it was probably better quality sound being further away from me.

This is only £4.99 and I've seen shower radios for at least twice this amount. It's a great gift and perfect for secret santa's!

- I was sent the shower radio free for an honest product review, you can have a look at more Christmas gifts here.


Friday 2 November 2012

The Friday File #9 - Patrick Dempsey

You know I love Grey's Anatomy so of course I love, love, love McDreamy - otherwise known as Patrick Dempsey. He has signed up for more Grey's and this new series shows him face a whole new challenge (no spoilers here). He's also in one of my favourite chick flick movies 'Made of Honor', but I didn't admit that did I?

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Forever losing your keys?

Are you forever losing your keys?

Well I'll admit I probably waste more time than I should do looking for my keys - although you'll find through this post that I have found out "the place" I always leave them!

This Sonic Keyfinder Keyring is here to give us that little bit of help. Including batteries and a spare set (very rare these days!). So when you've lost your keys you give a little whistle...

Anyone noticed how hard it is sometimes to whistle on demand and don't even try when you're giggling! 

Then you'll hear the beep and also the LED flashing. Now the bizarre thing is it's any noise, not just whistling that sets this off. I have found out I leave my keys by the phone causing the keyfinder to go off every time the phone rang! Also my laugh sets it off ( I don't laugh like a whistle!) and I've had to take the batteries out when I'm going out, especially if I'm going to the cinema! It's a good little gift but maybe just for inside the home.

But at least I know where I leave my keys, why was that always the last place I had looked before!

- I was sent the Sonic Keyfinder keyring free for an honest product review, you can have a look at more Christmas gifts here 


Monday 29 October 2012

Music Monday: Pink - Try

You know I love Pink and she's been featured in a Music Monday before and she's back in again. Maybe more so for the simply amazing video but having listened to the album, Try is one of my favourite songs from it. But just look at the dance choreography, wow!

Apart from I do now feel fat ;-)


Friday 26 October 2012

The Friday File #8 - Jon Hamm

My Friday Files come around so fast, not that I mind of course! This week sees Jon Hamm take centre stage. I fell in love with him and of course Don Draper in Mad Men and also loved the movie "The Town". Quite excited to see him play sports agent J.B. Bernstein in "The Million Dollar Arm".

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Reading isn't a task!

I write a to-do list every single day with ten things that I need to do. I keep it to ten, why do more? ;-) I wrote one on Sunday and didn't even notice really what I'd written down until I read it back through, there are number six was "READ MY BOOK".

Since when did this become a task? No, no, no, no. Then I thought back to when I had last read my book. Ummmmm when was that...

I have books to read for the review site that I write for over with Larissa but my actual book pile was just increasing and I wasn't reading. How did this happen? When was my "me time" gone?

I then put aside my to-do list and made myself a cuppa hot chocolate with whipped cream (yep!) and three* bourbon biscuits and sat down for a whole hour with my book. It was bliss. It's not something that needs to go on my to-do list but it is important to my zen. I just need to assign time differently, reading isn't a task. It's a love.

*Biscuits should always be in three's. One is never enough, two is not quite hitting the spot but four is one away from five! Three is the ultimate in biscuit numbers.