Wednesday 31 October 2012

Forever losing your keys?

Are you forever losing your keys?

Well I'll admit I probably waste more time than I should do looking for my keys - although you'll find through this post that I have found out "the place" I always leave them!

This Sonic Keyfinder Keyring is here to give us that little bit of help. Including batteries and a spare set (very rare these days!). So when you've lost your keys you give a little whistle...

Anyone noticed how hard it is sometimes to whistle on demand and don't even try when you're giggling! 

Then you'll hear the beep and also the LED flashing. Now the bizarre thing is it's any noise, not just whistling that sets this off. I have found out I leave my keys by the phone causing the keyfinder to go off every time the phone rang! Also my laugh sets it off ( I don't laugh like a whistle!) and I've had to take the batteries out when I'm going out, especially if I'm going to the cinema! It's a good little gift but maybe just for inside the home.

But at least I know where I leave my keys, why was that always the last place I had looked before!

- I was sent the Sonic Keyfinder keyring free for an honest product review, you can have a look at more Christmas gifts here 


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