Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Slicethepie takes to the catwalk

I have written before about the slicethepie review site but that was about reviewing music. Now they have branched out into reviewing fashion. It works in the same format as the music and at the moment the payout is higher but I'm not sure if that will change. I think also it still could be going through testing so I'm not sure if it is a long term thing. At the moment they pay $0.20 for every review that you complete.

You are shown an item of clothing and you need to write about what you think of it, much like the music reviews saying "I hate it" won't work. You need to explain why you don't like it or why you do like it, the site will send you back to your review until you have completed enough. You also need to rate the item out of ten and also state the price range that you think the item is.

From doing a few of these I have noticed that the same item can come around but in different colours so you might find yourself repeating yourself if you don't like the style. Never copy the review from one to another, they track this also. This one is ideal for fashion type bloggers who want to get into reviewing and also see some new products. I'll be sticking to the music ones personally but I might have the odd look through the fashion items.

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