Friday 10 August 2012

Re-igniting my twitter timeline

Let's be honest twitter is all a bit silly isn't it?

I'm now into my fourth year on twitter and I have such a love/hate relationship with it at times. This isn't always about the actual service that twitter provides but people that I have been following recently have suddenly become absolutely consumed by the twitter in their phone. I'll check in or lurk as it's called by us trendy peeps and sometimes I just scroll on by, recently I found myself just scrolling and closing the app.

This was partly because I am boring. Do people really want to know what I had for dinner or what random dream I had, well sometimes people do. Weird people. Sometimes I'll write a tweet and think to myself "who cares?" and other times I'll send it with a "whatever, I'm sending it" attitude. My timeline is very active during the football season and also during the non football season. I've wanted to ban the RT method several times as people feel the need to RT loads of tweets or tweets that are abusive. I've even had to mute the c-word as I found my eyes were burning one morning before 10am. I can choose who I follow obviously and sometimes I question that when I see my TL is irritable, sometimes abusive but always passionate.

With the new football season looming I have got to using lists a lot better, I've unfollowed people who I didn't interact with and who felt the need to RT like mad on a hourly rate. There is no wrong or right way to be on twitter (except for those obviously who disobey the rules and are abusive) and I definitely don't keep to any "right" code. Twitter is individual and it's your timeline and as much as everyone else can tweet whatever they want to, it is up to you what you follow/read.

Twitter like life is about what you put into it, if you don't like it - change it.

I need to go eat some cake as I'm late in celebrating my third twit-day. Nom noms!


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Peter said...

As you know I go through the same thing on a probably bi-monthly basis, although I'm shocked you say people who are interested in you are 'weird people'. For someone who has over a 1000 followers you are hardly boring and people obviously find you interesting otherwise why would they follow you?

Anyway great blog, as ever SJ :-)