Saturday 31 October 2009


So tell me iPhone users how much do you spend on texts a month?

I decided to cut down on mine with my current new contract (you know saving the pennies!) but sending texts is kinda our lives right? I get so many free a month but have been known to go over :(

Then a friend suggested Ping! It's a iPhone and iPod Touch Application that is a mixture of text messaging and instant messenging and the best part is it's free to send the messages (Application download is 59p at the moment - bargain really!).

Ping! works with push notifications so that messages can be delivered anywhere in the world, instantly. The great thing about Ping! is you don’t have to share your phone number with anyone. Once you’ve downloaded the app you simply pick an ID (choose carefully, this can’t be changed currently) then tell your iPhone/iPod touch using friends about the app and once they install it you can send messages to eachother for free.

One of the refreshing things about this app is it's unique notification tone. A lot of apps out there use the default text messaging sound which can cause confusion, but Ping! gives us a lovely “ping ping” sound!

It's still a new application so there are a few problems, it does sometimes crash and there is a 150 word limit, although at the moment there is no visible counter yet! Hopefully an update in the future would enable picture messaging to be sent! Now that would be awesome...

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