Monday 12 October 2009

HELP - Golf Advice needed

If you have been following me on Twitter you may have noticed I've been talking about Golf a bit in the last week or so. Well I'm far from a Pro and up until last Thursday; the last time I had played was over 3 years ago. I used to play for fun with friends and now have been asked to be in a team match next May, playing for a charity of my choice.

I first of all laughed off the opportunity as I hadn't played for ages but I then thought about it more and realised it would be fun and after a trip to TopGolf in Watford I feel much more confident in myself. I didn't score too highly at TopGolf but it wasn't too bad, I was though way of what my friend scored but then he has been playing for about 10 years.

I'm going again to TopGolf this week with some friends, one of them I will be competing against in this match in May so this should be fun!

I realise I have quite a lot of time to practise before the actual event and so I was wondering if anyone has any tips?

There is the decision also about what to wear for this match! Being a girl that was one of the first things that I did think about, stupid huh? But it's something to definitely consider

I'll keep you updated on my progress both practising and deciding on what to wear - as you're obviously all interested in both, haha! Also I'll post up more details when I know details about the match etc

Can you tell that my overall fear has become excitement? 

So I'll be interested in any help that you may have. What's best and what's not?


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Doonytime said...

I have no views on golf, one way or the other.

I know people who can't get enough, and I've played it on the Wii. Otherwise, that's it.

So, all I can say is relax, enjoy it, and don't, whatever you do, wear Rupert the Bear trousers!!