Thursday 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day - Recycle!

Do you recycle?

When we first got our recycling bins I think we all did the said the same thing - "What a hassle" or "I'll never remember" but now it's like recycling is habit!

Now I probably spend more time looking at different packaging and bottles to see if it can be recycled!

If you recycle one aluminium can it saves enough energy to power a television for 3 hours! Pretty impressive huh?

Here's a list of things that can be recycled:
  • plastic milk and water bottles
  • household cleaning products bottles
  • all glass packaging (bottles and jars)
  • plastic food trays and wrappings are sometimes recyclable, so check the packaging for more details
  • rinsed shampoo bottles, cardboard packaging and toilet roll tubes
  • packaging from toiletries and make-up, and unwanted clothing
  • washing powder and liquid containers
From February 2010 many shops and supermarkets that sell batteries will provide collection bins for old batteries as they can contain hazardous substances and should be got rid of safely, otherwise contact your local council as they should have either a collection scheme or a battery recycling bank.

We all have thrown away clothes in the bin, but next time think about charity shops or there are clothing banks at most supermarkets now these days. Or you could host a swap party (see more details later).

How many mobile phones have you had in the last 5 years? Did you know you can recycle old ones for cash? There are a number of websites now that offer this service; and why keep an old phone when you could use the money to treat yourself.

What do you do with used printer cartridges? Why not find your local place for refilling cartridges, you could save yourself 60% from refilling rather than buying a new one. Just think of the packaging you have saved!

My favourite way of recycling is to hold or go to a swap party! Everyone brings at least one item of clothing to swap, so instead of throwing it away someone else will get use out of it. Don't just limit it to clothes though, bags, shoes and jewellery are all good items to take. You can leave your old stuff behind and come away with a whole new outfit and - IT'S FREE! 

So start recycling now!

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