Monday 8 March 2010

Don't you just love Spring?

Daffodils make me smile. Spring is here! 

Now since moving in with Spurs boy there has been one area of the place I have wanted to have a go at - the garden. Spurs boy is not a keen gardener and it's fair to say he has no interest in it whatsoever. Well maybe I can change that?

There is no grass as we live in a top floor apartment flat so we have a "roof garden" and apparently it gets about 70% sun a day in the Summer. PERFECT!

Yesterday as it was a beautiful day I decided that we would go to the garden centre and I could make the garden my our own :-) Now already there is a built in BBQ, chiminea, garden table and chairs but that's it.

So I got a compost bin and 4 tier greenhouse which I assembled by myself as I felt a bit bad for dragging Spurs boy out. Spurs boy's Nan came with us and she was happy to sit with Spurs boy in the coffee shop. Little man was very interested and bless him he went wherever I went and I even got him in his little set of tools, wheelbarrow and gloves. Very cute :-)

I got a few seeds, plants and herbs whilst I was there. I have bought home today some plants and seedlings I had been growing in the greenhouses at the place I volunteer at. Spurs boy had no idea I had been planning this for so long :-)

I love Spring and soon we will have a beautiful blooming garden for the Summer! 

Anyone else been in their garden getting it ready?


Jackie said...

Your rooftop garden sounds heavenly! I bet it will be a lovely place to hang out when it's all in bloom. I live in a condo and only have a balcony - plus I don't have a green thumb so best that I can do is enjoy all the flowers at the nearby park!

Sarah said...

Aww you could probably get some plants on your balcony and maybe a windowsill?