Saturday 6 March 2010

Eye Test!

I had my eyes tested today and...I need glasses.

So should I feel upset? Worried? No not me, I'm a bit strange you see (You'd already figured this one out hadn't you?) but I've wanted glasses for a long time. I did even think about getting the fake ones just so that I could have them.
So today after Spurs boy took me made me go to have my eyes tested, although this was also under doctor's orders too (bad headaches) I really didn't think I would need them. I possibly might have let out a little cheer when the optician told me I needed glasses for reading :-) 

My scepticism of me needing glasses meant that I had not left much any time to have a look around before we headed off to see Little Man for his birthday party. Spurs boy just said I should get any pair and then be done with it - Umm no I need time to look. So I have got a blue plastic pair of reading glasses that cost me a whopping £2.99 and will start my search this week for the glasses that I want. 

This is actually the most anticipated shopping trip of my life! 

At the moment my favourites are this Bench pair

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