Thursday 11 March 2010

I love chocolate pralines, butterflies and flowers!

This is just the ideal gift for Mother's Day for me. Marks and Spencer have come up with this gorgeous chocolate praline butterflies with the packaging impregnated with seeds so that when the wrapper is planted it grows into Candytuft plants!

Readers of my blog will now I have just started working on our roof garden and these would be ideal. I blogged last Summer about butterflies that I had seen and these will attract them :-)

Also it's win win as I love chocolate pralines, butterflies and flowers! These were made with me in mind right?

They recommend cutting up the paper and then you can have them all around your garden. They are £4.99 for 110g and I absolutely love this idea and wonder how many Spurs boy will buy me after reading this blog! Hint hint! :-)


Carina said...

I think it's cool that someone is coming up with ideas like that!!!

How's the garden coming along?

He's probably gonna take your hint=) Hopefully=p

Sarah said...

Hope he does! Lol

Garden is coming along nicely thank you, will blog about it soon