Tuesday 30 March 2010

Tattoo Tights!

I've always wanted a tattoo but can never make my mind up of what I would have, I always change my mind! Spurs boy has just booked in for tattoo number three and he is currently planning and designing tattoo number four. I on the other hand have found another way to get a tattoo.

Tattoo tights, I was recommended I had a look at this site on Etsy by Bestie (Oh look how that rhymes!) and with my gorgeous dress for an awards dinner coming up soon I have purchased these
They are absolutely gorgeous and I am worried about them snagging so I did get a couple of pairs and will probably keep a pair in my bag just in case. 

There are many other designs that took my fancy and especially these for my love of twitter
Here are some of my other favourites future purchases :-))

Now I just need to find some shoes :-))

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