Tuesday 2 March 2010

Sarah Loves... Lolita Glassware

I've never really been one for collecting anything, and then I realised when moving in with Spurs boy that I had got a little collection of Lolita Glassware and it has since got more. I was given the Celebration Martini Glass for my 25th birthday from Bestie and then in recent years my collection has grown. Each one is as individual as you are or the person you are buying it for and each glass has the recipe from which the design was chosen for on the bottom of it. 

They have them in John Lewis stores and Spurs boy now hates going in there now as I always manage to find them! Lolita Glassware have martini, margherita, champagne, pilsner, shot glasses and a whole lot more in the range aswell. Spurs boy though was given a pilsner glass for his birthday (not from me) so maybe we'll both be collecting them now.

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