Wednesday 31 March 2010

Newspaper Plant Pots

The garden is definitely coming along nicely, although not impressed that just as the weather seems to have got better the forecast says more rain and even snow could be on its way. This does not make a happy gardener! 

I now have my own shed, put together by myself with no help from Spurs boy. I admit I was too stubborn to ask for help when I was having difficulties with it, but I found a nice sit down with a cup of coffee and the instructions proved to then make sense again :-))

Little man though seems to have taken temporary ownership of the shed and it's now referred to as "his hideout" and as I have started to put things in there I have noticed several items of his being added; a sleeping bag, cushion, notebook, pencil, torch, sandwiches (these are replaced and are not mouldy sandwiches!), flask, walkie talkie and a compass. It seems that he is planning some adventure, although I know Ben 10 is his main influence in all things adventure so wonder if any aliens will be in there next seeking hideout? 

The shed is only small and with the arrangement of Little man's stuff it seems I have been left a small corner of "MY SHED" to put my gardening bits. Thank goodness I haven't got much stuff!
One thing I have done this year is to make newspaper pots and they are really easy to make and aren't flimsy as you might imagine and of course are cheaper than buying pots and I'm thinking of the environment :-)) The video of how to make them is below and I definitely recommend doing it this way

Easy huh? Let me know if you make your own?

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