Thursday 1 April 2010

Easter Chocolate... Nom nom nom!

We're heading to Cornwall for the Easter break and this does not mean we're not taking any chocolate treats with us! Haha! My brother and of course Little man are coming with us and the eggs have been bought and very well hidden. Us being away the past few days means that no one has been searching for them. Have you got your eggs? Have you had to hide them away and I mean from yourself?

There have been so many choices for Easter Eggs this year but as there is not much time left if you need to go and get them from the high street then these are some of my favourite from Thorntons. Nom nom nom!

I absolutely love dark chocolate!
I just love this chick!
Ok so I know he's not an Easter Egg but he's in there 3 for 2 offer and he's oh so cute!

Ok so I'm off to go find secret stash of chocolate...if only I could remember where I have put them! Hmmm...


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