Saturday 17 April 2010

Surprise Packages

I love my Secret Post Club parcels, this is now my second and again so very pleased. This month I was sent something from Elaine Scott

There was a lovely letter detailing what she had sent me - 

  • Window stickers of butterflies (going to be putting them on my french doors to the garden this weekend)
  • An angel bookmark
  • Dairy Milk Caramel Bunnies (these have been scoffed, nom nom nom)
Also there was a truly stunning gift (see the picture below)

What a gorgeous candle holder! I love candles (also it had a vanilla candle inside - my fave) and I love books. Trying to work out where this will best go, at the moment I have put it on my desk next to my computer as it's just so pretty I love looking at it!

Thanks again Elaine, loved my parcel. Roll on May for the next one


Anonymous said...

aw im so glad you liked it all, I loved that candle holder too :) xx

Anonymous said...

i love that candle holder!

Sarah said...

Absolutely loved it!

Thank you again x

WeeWifie / One Epic Holiday said...

wow how lovely!!

That candle holder is truly awesome too! I love it!

Great bunch of gifts =)

Sarah said...

I still haven't found the ideal place yet to put the candle holder, it's just so lovely I think I might have to carry it round with me room to room!