Thursday 22 April 2010

Which colour Filofax should I get?

I have decided to buy a new filofax...or two. Anyway my dilemma is which colour so this is where you come in. I've decided on the Filofax Classic Personal Organiser in A4. It comes in black, brown or cherry and I just cannot decide. Help. Please.

Black Filofax Personal Organiser in A4
Chocolate Filofax Personal Organiser in A4
Cherry Filofax Personal Organiser in A4

I hadn't really thought about getting an A4 filofax as I wouldn't be able to get it into my bag and just thought it would be too big. Most of my work forms and papers are A4 size and I currently carry a filofax and a A4 folder and it does seem to be the most sensible (yes even for me) idea!

So help me decide which colour I should choose. Voting closes on 31st of April 2010. Write the colour of choice (from the three) in the comments below, thank you!


Maria Fallon said...

I like cherry the best but black is probably the most versatile :)

Derek said...

I like the chocolate coloured one!!

Carina said...

I love Black, so I say Black=)

Steve Morton said...

They all look great. Personally I would go for black myself, but that's just me.

Please write about your experience of using an A4 I will be interested to hear how you get on. Or consider doing a guest post on Philofaxy....please :-)


Sarah said...

I'd love to do a guest post on my A4, I've started planning layouts and everything!

Steve Morton said...

Sarah, send your guest post to the address in our 'About' page,


Sarah said...

Will do! Thank you x

Jackie said...

Ooh, let us know when your guest post appears! :)

Personally, I've always wanted a pink one. Mine is standard black...but it doesn't echo my personality.

Sarah said...

Placed my order for my filofax and it should be here this week and then will get organising and blogging about it!

Steve Morton said...

How are you getting on with your A4? It's one size I've not tried yet... that and the Mini!