Sunday 4 April 2010

Chris Kamara misses Portsmouth sending off - PURE GENIUS!

It would be fair to say it was a terrible football day for me and Spurs boy yesterday. We spent the afternoon in a gorgeous little pub in Cornwall (another holiday I know) watching the football. We were talking with locals and at the time (United's match was over) and Spurs were 2-0 down so you can imagine the mood :-( But Chris Kamara on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday programme can never fail to make you laugh, and especially after this one. Pure genius!

It's not the first time though that Kamara has entertained whilst commentating though is it? Here's another video I found of some more of his funniest moments
Thank you Chris for bringing smiles and laughter to those suffering from football defeat :-))


Nickie O'Hara said...

hahaha at the first clip - I hate football so obviously never watch it, but that commentator makes me want to start watching :D

Sarah said...

He is so funny! Definitely worth watching!