Wednesday 14 April 2010


Some of my Twitters followers know this weekend I had my first @reply from someone who left a personal and particularly hateful comment about a member of my family. I stupidly commented back as I completely saw red and was so angered by such an ignorant comment, but particularly as the comment was against someone I love. 

The twitter account has now been deleted but I was not the only one he bullied in his short time on the social networking site. The report facility does work but I think only if a certain number of people report the account.

Sadly since this episode I have seen other accounts that bully other users for the "fun" of it. Cyber bullying is one of the lowest forms of bullying as they hide behind their computer screen and treat others in a way I doubt they would have the guts to face to face.

A very important hashtag that I have used the past few days is #ReportDontReply. It's just sad that we need to have a hashtag for this.

If you or anyone is being bullied or you want more information then please contact Bullying UK on twitter or visit their website here.

Has anyone had any trouble on twitter or problems getting an account removed?

Remember #ReportDontReply :-))

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