Tuesday 27 April 2010

Sarah Loves... MAC Cosmetics

For years I used to want to be able to purchase MAC Cosmetics and it was always the dream growing up of being able to afford to treat myself. Sounds silly doesn't it? I don't care, it's true.

Now that I can afford to treat myself, I do. I still like to buy things from the high street too but my heart lies with MAC products. A much needed shopping trip last week (haven't had a major splurge in a few weeks, well except two pairs of shoes that I bought) and here's the stuff that I got:

Studio Finish SPF 30 Concealer NW25
Mineralize SPF Loose Powder Light Medium
Cream Colour Base Blusher Improper Copper

My main splurge I guess though was on the Pro Palette Eyeshadow x 4 (you can get it in x15 but that's just too much for me). You get the palette with the 4 empty slots and you buy the refills for whichever you want. It's handy as I've never found a set of eyeshadows where I like all the colours and this way you can make your own. Also it means you don't have lots of little eyeshadows filling up your make up bag. There is also a blusher one too. Picking my four eyeshadows was difficult, I always seemed to have 6 that I liked, I did eventually (took some time) get it down to 4. I picked Bisque, Quarry, Wedge and Cranberry. 

A little splurge shopping is good, especially when you work so hard to get what you want :-))

Do you have any MAC stuff? What do you have? Have you done any splurge shopping recently? What did you get?


Jackie said...

MAC was originally a Canadian brand of cosmetics (before it got really huge) so we grew up with it here. I love their studio fix and their lipsticks. Can't go wrong with MAC!

Sarah said...

Love MAC stuff. Can't go wrong with it!