Tuesday 6 April 2010

Sarah Loves...Books

I love books, I always have a book next to the bed but I have been known to get into quite a lapse reading pattern. Admittedly it does depend on the book, some I can take a few days to get through and others can take me weeks and dare I say it months.

At the moment I have started the Gossip Girl books (the books from the TV series)and I'm getting through the first one really quickly, it's the sign of a good book! Some books like The Lost Symbol from Dan Brown have taken me a long time to read, I didn't enjoy it at all.

I can read books on various apps on my iPhone but for me I do love reading an actual book and I love old bookshops and book sales at fairs. I also look looking at the books in charity shops too, have you found any great finds in a charity shop? I have, if you haven't ever looked in one then you should and of course if you de-clutter at home you should donate it also :-))

After the Gossip Girl books I have the True Blood Sookie Stackhouse set waiting for patiently. I remembered that as a young girl I loved Enid Blyton, Milly Molly Mandy and Malory Towers, I've thought about reading them again now to bring back memories. One day I just might.

Here are some of my favourite authors -

I also have lots of cookery, gardening, poetry and I absolutely love notebooks to write in. :-))

What are you reading at the moment?

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Carina said...

I love to read too! And I'm the same way as you, can use both three days, a few weeks or a few months to finish a book.

I always wanted to go to an old book shop, do you know any good old book shops in London??

I tried reading the Gossip Girls book, in Norwegian, it was bad!!!!, so I stoped he he


Sarah said...

I know of lots of old bookshops in London, we'll check some out!

Hope the Gossip girl books are better in English then :-))

Lisa, Designs by Isis said...

Love Reading too - anything from modern chick lit to thrillers to classics. Currently reading This Charming Man by Marian Keyes. has to be a physical book tho can't see point in these electronic devices - have been known to buy a book cos liked the cover !

Sarah said...

There are some great book covers! I have been known to do that too

Nickie O'Hara said...

You should try Cecelia Aherne - "A Place Called Here" and "Where Rainbows End" are great books :)

Sarah said...

I will add them to my book list. Thank you :-))