Saturday 17 April 2010

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of my week

Another week over and the sunshine has arrived. Please stay Mr Sunshine! Hope everyone is well. How was your week?

The Good

It's been a bad couple of weeks for Manchester United and its fans and the Manchester Derby win was an absolute gem of a game. Absolutely heart pounding, tense, wait till the end to score a goal match, thank goodness it was Manchester City 0 Manchester United 1. Love ya Scholesy! 

Then there was the massive result for Tottenham with them beating Chelsea 2-1 and a certain John Terry being sent off was another highlight. Spurs boy and I have had a very good football weekend and this was made even better with Wigan beating Arsenal 3-2. It's a funny old game football! 

I passed my exam! Woot woot! I now seem to have found lots of free time that was used for revising to catch up with my reading, gardening and spending some time with Spurs boy. Awesome!

I will be getting a cleaner for the flat, weeks of me moaning about not having enough time and finally decided we shall have a cleaner to come round once a week and spruce the place up! Only thing is will I clean so it's nice for when the cleaner arrives? We shall see...

Work has been busy the past few weeks and it seems it will be a bit hectic for the next month or so which will make our trip to NYC even more special! Although we did get an email from our airline today warning about the delays currently happening to all UK flights, it surely can't go on that long can it?

I have been organising myself a little better in the past weeks by sorting my invoices that day, rather than leaving them all to the end of the month. Not sure how long this will continue but I hope it will...

I received my Secret Post Club parcel this week as I blogged about here and my receiver got her parcel too and she seemed pleased also. Yay :-))

Our hallway is nearly finished being redecorated. We just want to get a few new bits of furniture and then it's job done. Then probably going to start on the study...

I'm dealing with the despair of Powderfinger splitting up by listening to their music. A LOT. So glad I am going to see them for their London dates.

The weather has been perfect the last few days and we have enjoyed 3 BBQ's in 3 days. Love it!

The Bad
Cristiano Ronaldo advertising Castrol Edge is just wrong, so wrong.

The Ugly

I somehow managed to cut my thumb, it's not so much a cut as a chunk really. Really sore and I've felt a real wimp with it the last few days :-(


Derek Gaffney said...

Glad to see you feel that Ronaldo's advert is wrong!!

Sarah said...

I do. It seems to be on more than I would like!