Wednesday 14 April 2010

I want my own library!

I'd love my own library. No really, I would. I currently have all my books in genre order and then author alphabetically in our study (Geeky? I don't care**) My books are on one side and Spurs boy's are on the other. I have more than him...just about anyway *goes to re-count* Yes I have more than him :-))

I've always loved spiral staircases, where do they lead to? What adventures do they take you on? If Spurs boy was ever to design us a home then I would demand ask for a spiral staircase :-))

Although this would be absolutely perfect
Yes those are bookshelves in a spiral staircase. Heaven. :-))

**I also have my CD's in genre and alphabetical order too. I used to run a Music Department for a well known high street retailer. Geeky? Yes, much!

I found this spiral staircase with book shelves here

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