Sunday 14 March 2010

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of my week

So this week seems to have been a bit busy, how has it been for you? Got everything done that you wanted to?

The Good

My leg is better, I've now been "allowed" to start running again, just lightly to begin with but I'm baaack!

Also it was funny that twitter broke after Beckham came on! Teehee! Beckham broke twitter! (Not sure who broke twitter today though, been rubbish ALL day!) 

Playing beer pong at Future Groom's 30th birthday party, got to the final only to be beaten by Spurs boy! :-(

New Gorillaz album is out, absolutely love it!

We're going on holiday. We don't know where yet, but we're going somewhere. In town this morning I picked up each and every brochure I could carry :-))

F1 is back, Spurs boy was very happy with the Ferrari 1-2 as Alonso wins in Bahrain

Still loving coffee and I even took part in the Starbucks Taste Challenge

The Bad

I added a countdown calendar to my facebook profile for my exams. 31 days to go! Argh! Although I've been good and revised more than I had scheduled time for, but still nerves have kicked in!

I still have done no golf practice, the weather is better so I just need to find time to fit it in. 

Not mentioning Owen Hargreaves again in this blog until he has played at least 30 minutes of football. His reserve date has been put back until this week, we shall see. But for now shhh!

A big sarcastic thanks to the Peterborough fans with the drum for the Watford match. I was hungover so my head pounded twice as much, thank you... oh and I loved your ironic chants as you left and it was a family day! :-))

The Ugly

Trying to plan driving routes to avoid potholes is proving to be slightly annoying and hard to do. Spurs boy damaged his car this week whilst driving over a pothole, the mood was decidedly sour when he came home from the garage :-(

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