Monday 22 March 2010

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of my week

Apologies for being a tad late at getting this done, seems the time is just passing me by recently. So how was your week?

The Good

Finally have got reading glasses, last few days have not had a headache :-))

I'm loving being a member of the #manunitedladiesdrinkingclub on twitter!

I love getting post :-))

Guess who's back? And apparently the best is yet to come :-))

Finally got some golf practice in :-)) and I wasn't too shabby, I wasn't last but I wasn't first. I like being average I think. Still with a bit more practice now that the weather is better who knows I could be top next time!

Bridesmaid dresses have been bought! Will blog more on this later this week

Started shopping for a dress, yes another one, this time for an awards evening and I WILL finally be able to go to a posh event in my Christian Louboutin heels. I am squealing with excitement!

I AM GOING TO NEW YORK! I used capitals to illustrate how happy I am, will also blog about this later in the week.

The Bad

David Beckham out of World Cup = Me devastated :-(

Forgetting that I have organised Easter football courses for my clubs and remembering my exam is slap bang in the middle. Oopsie!

The Ugly

23 days to my exam, how did this happen? I'm ahead with revision but seriously 23 days. Oh well in 24 days no more exams, unless I have to re-sit :-(


Thinking it through said...

I love how so many cool football things happened this week. It's a shame about DB though :(

I'm sure you would have been happy with the Champions League result?!

Sarah said...

I am happy, worried that they would be concentrating on League but Arsenal are becoming a bit too close for comfort!