Friday 26 March 2010

Lovin' the High Street

As regular readers will know the search for a bridesmaid dress for my friend's upcoming wedding has been a relatively hard search. As I'm not a girlie girl I was never going to be loving a big pink marshmellow of a dress and luckily none of my friends like that either so the chances of me finding the right dress had seemed slim at what we had seen. Although the Wedding Show had given us more hope, thank goodness.

Last weekend we (Future Bride and Bestie) took a trip to Bhs and we found everything we needed. We ordered mine and Bestie's dresses and even the dresses for the younger bridesmaids too. Also matching shoes and bags were bought, I can't reveal the dresses that were picked as all the Wedding Party read my blog and we want there to be some surprise on the day. 

Take a look through the Bhs Wedding Catalogue and see what they have at really affordable prices. I have an awards dinner to go to in the next few weeks and whilst we were browsing the bridesmaid dresses I had a sneaky look through their eveningwear collection and found this 

I love the colour and it was even on sale :-)) I've even found the most fantastic tights that I might wear with this dress, which I will blog about soon.

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