Saturday 27 March 2010

The right person

In past relationships I have planned and had holidays abroad but there has always been a very big holiday that has never happened in any of my relationships.

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with New York for as long as I can remember. But I still haven’t been. I’ve sat and planned many a visit with previous partners and for one reason or another we never went. No tickets were ever booked and so my dream was forgotten again.

This year I’m actually going, the tickets have been bought and at the moment we are planning where we will be going. It’s different now, I feel that in this relationship with Spurs boy that the reason that I never went to New York before was that I wasn’t going with the right person. I am now though.

The trip was a complete surprise, we had talked about going away somewhere this year but nothing had been officially arranged. Then one day whilst I was in the office I used Spurs boy’s computer to look up something on tinternet and an outlook email popped up from a mutual friend titled “New York” which was silly of them really. I clicked on the email and read that Spurs boy had booked a surprise trip to New York.

I then clicked the mark as unread button (how many people use this to hide emails they shouldn’t have read?) and proceeded like I still knew nothing of the holiday. I couldn’t tell anyone that I knew, so I didn’t say a word. Actually I started to forget about the holiday.

I saw little chats Spurs boy had with friends and family and wondered if they were sharing more little New York titbits.

So for a while I kept secret that I knew about Spurs boy’s secret holiday for us! Confused? I am.
Then I decided I would tell him that I knew. I was dying to share in the excitement but didn’t want Spurs boy to be upset that I knew. When I told him that I knew he seemed relieved.

Now I can be excited about it and know I’m going to New York with the right person.


Carina said...

I've known for a while, and it was hard keeping it lol
I so envy you for going, and I hope you have an amazing time!!!

Wanna hear all about it when we meet up in June=)

Happy Saturday=)


Sarah said...


Oh you will be hearing all about it in June! And before LOL

Happy Saturday to you too x