Monday 7 February 2011

Remember these?

I was having a bit of a reminisce session with friends over out favourite chocolate bars/treats that we loved that are not around anymore. Here are a few of the ones we talked about. Do you remember vice versas?

Vice Versas are a type of chocolate similar to Galaxy Minstrels. A Vice Versa can exist in one of two varieties; one consisting of milk chocolate encased in a white coloured sugar coating; the other of white chocolate in a brown coating. They were nom!

What about Spira bars from Cadbury, remember these? They were two twists of Dairy Milk and I loved them. They were my favourite easter egg chocolate for some time :-)

"A Fusion of Milk Chocolate, Raisins, Peanuts, Crispy Cereal and Fudge Pieces" Do you remember the Fuse bar? It was so different to have a chocolate bar that wasn't encased in chocolate and the other ingredients inside, it really was a fusion of all the ingredients. :-)

So what else would you like to see back on the shelves?

There are so many facebook pages (too many to include here) all wanting different chocolate bars back, it happened with Wispa didn't it?



elaine said...

Oh my word....i'd forgotten all about the existence of Spira's!! I absolutely loved them too!! There's loads of things that it would be great to see make a comeback but me head's blank at the minute...still too early! lol I'll pop back when i've had a think ;-) xx

The Jelly Monster said...

I was convinced Fuse bars were made when the cadbury's people swept the floor of the factory at the end of the night...propbably co I'm "allergic" to raisins