Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sarah Loves... TIGI Bed Head

I'm blessed with thick and wavy hair, I used to for years (and years) hate that I had thick and wavy hair and longed for my Bestie's straight hair and then realised I needed to just get on with what I had.

Growing up I had people envious of my thick and wavy hair but all I saw was hair that wouldn't do as it was told, I always had an odd kink or curl and I longed for straight hair. I then got some GHD's and at the time my hair was just below shoulder length and it took me over an hour to straighten my hair. As you can imagine this lasted only a few mornings and so I got into different curly adaptations of my hair.

I've used so many different products and the TIGI Bed Head range are one of my favourite haircare ranges. 

Favourite products from the Bed Head range;

Hi-def curls shampoo and conditioner
Brunette Goddess shampoo and conditioner
All of the Foxy Curls range
All of the Control Freak range

I tend to find they are pretty pricey, but have seen many outlet stores now selling them at a cheaper price. I have my eye on the lookout now and so do friends and family too!

I might have not liked my hair for many years but we're never really happy with what we have our we? Well now with some curly know how this girl loves her hair. Superb!


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