Monday 21 February 2011

Learning about the news

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If you give me a newspaper I'll read the front headlines and then immediately turn to the sports section and then leave me with a cuppa and biscuits (bourbon biscuits please, thank you). I'll stay there reading for about 30 minutes, longer over weekends. It's not that I don't pay attention to news, I follow a few News channel updates on twitter but I don't tend to "know" too much about all the nitty gritty of what is going on. Maybe if I was reading The Gotham Times or The Daily Prophet it would be different!

Very rarely will I watch news programmes on TV and one area I know very little about is politics. But I am trying to learn more. With my writing on the Daily Waffle we've been doing a Weekly round up of our views on news items picked by our Editor... Umm ok... the first week when I got the first set I looked at the questions and thought I can do this, I'll read all about them and it will be ok. A few days later I realised I might have been putting it off. 

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I did get my answers done and I've found I'm reading a bit more from the front of the newspaper and even made Spurs boy do a double take when he saw that I was watching the news on TV. Don't expect me to be on Newsnight or anything just yet though...

I am enjoying the new CH4 news round-up programme 10 O'Clock Live, especially when Jimmy Carr laughs! He has the best laugh EVER. :-)


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