Friday 11 February 2011

It's more than one day!

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So as you all know Valentine's Day is fast approaching... you know this right? How can you escape it? The card stores full of cards, teddy's and balloons and then there are the countless "Love album" compilations. Does anyone else want to run for the hills and escape?

It shouldn't take a day to make you show someone how much you love someone. Although I admit the romantic side to me does like to hear about those couples who finally realised they were in love on Valentine's Day! Ahh!

But that's not my focus of this blog; do you go all out and buy expensive stuff for Valentine's Day?

Last year I admit Spurs boy and I were possibly a bit extravagant so I might come across as a bit hypocritical here but it was our first Valentine's together and also our first trip away together. So yes I do sound like a massive hypocrite in saying why should you spend so much money for just a day... but it's just a day!

Spurs boy and I are doing mixtapes this year (don't laugh!). It's more than just a day, love is around you every single day so make sure that person you care about knows every day how much you care. It doesn't have to be that you're in a relationship, be thankful each and every day for the friends and family that surround you.

Right I need to go and edit my mixtape... I'm such a perfectionist!


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GoodbyeBlighty said...

The art to balancing a mix-tape is pretty cool, whether it's for yourself or for someone else, and it can be fun. I'm sure you'll pick some great songs for it.