Wednesday 16 February 2011

My jewellery box feels empty...

My jewellery box feels empty, it's not but it feels it to me

My wardrobe is pretty much full of black mixed with grey, brown and dark khaki. I've now got some green and purple in there but with my recent return to work I have reverted back to my black leggings with a long top/jumper.

Ugg style boots are a complete no-no under my work's "dress code" and I hate wearing flat shoes as it makes me look so teeny tiny and my legs look fatter. This girl needs a heel. Due to me still being on crutches though the high heels are having to wait although I have been wearing a wedge heel since being back to add some height.

Because I tend not to wear bright colours (actually my brightest top is my Manchester United shirt) and stick with my plain, I guess boring colours. I do like to dress it up with some long necklaces. I've been finding that I'm not really happy with my choices in my jewellery box recently. There's nothing wrong with them at all and I won't be getting rid of them but I fancy some new pieces. So I've had a look around and here's some that are on my wanted list;

Bracelets and bangles are a no-no also as I seem to jingle and jangle, which is a shame as I have lots. I'm also on the look for a silver big butterfly ring. Hmm... best start looking I guess ;-)


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Sophie Franck said...

I love the headphone necklace!
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