Wednesday 28 April 2010

Where is your writing space?

One day last week I was at home working surfing the internet for new pretty things to buy when the doorbell rung. A little while later it was apparent that some furniture was about to be delivered, like right now. I didn't know anything of it, Spurs boy and I had looked at some furniture ideas for the hallway but we hadn't ordered anything. It had to be a mistake.

I went to the delivery van and there sitting in the back of the van was a black drafting table. I got on the phone to Spurs boy and yes he had ordered it BUT they had said delivery would be about 3-4 weeks and he was going to tell me in the next few days. Busted!
Example of a drafting table

The very nice and patient delivery men took the table up the stairs to our flat and for a while I thought they might take the front door off its hinges in the newly decorated hallway, but they didn't. I showed them into our study and laughed and said something like "No idea where it's going to go" so I said it was fine for them to leave it in our lounge for now.

Maybe he noticed the confused and surprised tone of my voice but Spurs boy came home within the hour. Within this time I had completely cleared everything off my desk I and was trying to work out how to work the new drafting table that had arrived. I like new things! Spurs boy arrived with apologies and confessions that he was supposed to tell me etc and was somewhat surprised and a little worried to see my desk empty and everything that was on it now in boxes on the floor.

To me it made sense for him to have his desk and drafting table in the study and for me to move my desk and clutter nice things out. (In clearing out I noticed I have 6 staplers! SIX! WTF?). My desk was then moved out into the dining room whilst we struggled to get the new table into the study. Our plan was always to decorate the study next and well now we need to, we have a lovely black line where Spurs boy I pushed the table along the wall. Oops!

My desk is now facing the window in a tiny alcove off the dining room/kitchen (our main living area is all open plan) and I love it. I can still use the study if I need total quiet to work and Spurs boy doesn't mind me using his desk. The chance to move my desk and my clutter made me have a big throw out of just rubbish that I had and to try and organise myself a little better. Maybe it's just a change of scenery but it definitely feels like the ideal workspace for me.

Spurs boy is still being apologetic about the table which has been very funny as I wasn't and I'm not that bothered. Besides it seems to have worked out really well. I might look for a smaller desk or I might not, for now I like the change. 

Where do you have your desk? Is it where you work best or is there somewhere else?


Jackie said...

Your new writing space sounds fantastic! I bet it will help inspire you daily. I'm afraid that I just hammer out all my writing on our dining room table. Our home office is permanently used by Mr. LTG who runs his monopoly from home. He was here first working from home so I can't really knock him out of his space.

Sarah said...

Ah well wherever inspires you most, I sometimes find I find working better when I'm on the train. I think it's about going somewhere and the journey or it's just the right frame of mind.

Jackie said...

I kinda have no choice but it does seem to work - and I have a whole wall and a half of huge windows to look at... er, give me inspiration..yeah, that's it.. ;)

Sarah said...

Sounds fab ;-)