Friday 30 April 2010

Another Giveaway featuring @TempSec

I said I would do another giveaway didn't I?

Well this one is fantastic and it involves some lovely jewellery items from Temporary:Secretary. They have recently launched their new website and are looking into future expansion plans.

Sarah from Temporary:Secretary says
"Temporary:Secretary’s ethos will remain the same; we want to make people happy and inject a moment of sparkly fun to their day. We want to offer products that will make girls smile, get people talking and build a strong brand which inspires and promotes individuals to stand out from the crowd. That it is ok to stand out from the crowd, and be your lovely kooky self"
So onto the giveaway:


Umbrella necklace
Teapot necklace
Purple flower earrings
Pale pink drop earrings (one has a teacup and the other flowers)
Love flower earrings

The total cost of these lovely things £40 R.R.P.

Comment below with which pendant you would like to see on your dream necklace? Eg. For me I would love to have cupcake :-))


There will be ONE winner who will win all the jewellery items as described and pictured above.

Only entries submitted in the comments section below will be entered. 

ONE entry per person.

This Giveaway will close on 21st May 2010. I will post the winner on here, twitter and on facebook after this date.

Just because it's jewellery doesn't mean that men cannot enter, as I'm sure the lady in your life deserves a treat so you can enter too :-))


This is open INTERNATIONALLY. So enter enter enter!


angel193780 said...

I would lkike an umbrella on a pendant

cLare said...

anything with skulls on is always a winner for me. so a skull pendant, yeah :)


Carina said...

I have to say a Star Pendant, as I love them=)

Katie said...

i love anything musical related! so a pendant that has something to do with music would be my dream necklace!

Emily said...

Hi, I would love to see an individual flamingo, which would complement the flamingo necklace they already have, or perhaps a flower that isn't so common in jewellery such as a daffidol or a tulip rather than always roses. I have seen a few nice daisy items though, or something inspired by lillies, that would be nice :)

Anonymous said...

I think i would have to have a pair of sunglasses with flipflops to remind me of those long summer days

Anna said...

I love daisies on chains! Cool giveaway!

Sassy said...

WOW Sarah, thanks for such a lovely comp......all items from @TempSec are gorgeous and the prize you have on offer is no different!
If i could choose any pendant, it would have to be a four leaf clover (just like me twitter pic) so it would bring me good luck wherever i am....hopefully! lol

Wendy said...

anything with cats on 4 me thanks for fab comp @kikicomp

Emily said...

oh and my email is oops! :)

Anonymous said...

A flip flop pendant. If I could wear them all day everyday, I would!

Sophie said...

A floral bow :)
Gorgeous giveaway! Thank you!
Sophie x

holly! said...

As a fashion photographer, and a lover of all things kitsch & vintage.. I'd love a little camera pendant! :)

Rachel said...

A cluster of different coloured Stars :)

Shannon said...

this is a difficult one! I love anything kitch and vintage style, but I'd have to say a cluster necklace with an anchor, a telescope and a lighthouse- nautical! ♥

Shannon xo

p.s my email is

Anonymous said...

This is tricky, the above ^^ are all lovely charms. On my dream necklace it would probably have to be.. I don't know if you've heard of them but a flower fairy. Definitely search them up if you haven't heard of them. They are one of the most beautiful-est fairies ever drawn, they really are. I'd have the Cherry Blossom fairy as the colours used in her drawing are beyond beautiful - dusty pinks and roses. Yum. So, my answer is a tiny flower fairy charm. My Mother, Grandmother and me all adore them. They really are lovely.
I love these items.. they're really special. Much love,
Izzy -

Anonymous said...

I would like a minature lipstick as a pendant.

Jessie Katie said...

I'd have to say something that represents my friends, like something that would remind me of a special day or memory. I think something like that would be so nice, especially as we're all going to be going off to different 6th Forms in year.

Antonia Sheldrake said...

I would like to have a white bowl of ice cream, with swirls of pastel coloured whippy swirly ice cream, thats all decorated with sprinkles. oh, and a golden spoon sticking out x)

kohsamui14 said...

the umbrella.. it will be a testament to all the rain we have had so far this year...