Friday 2 July 2010

OPI iPhone Application

As an iPhone user I have often blogged about good and bad applications that I have used. You'll also notice that after my completely upsetting update with my iPhone I am now back in love with my iPhone. Phew! Also now that the weather is much better :-) I have noticed that my feet are in desperate need of some TLC. I spend a lot of my time in trainers doing my coaching and teaching but also for my volunteer work that I do I need to wear steel toe capped boots. So my feet are in need of love.

I have a much needed spa visit coming up this weekend which will help but I downloaded from the app store the OPI Nail Application. Now I need to go shopping again! No great loss I suppose.
You can slide the counter at the side to match your skin tone and you can then see how each of OPI's 200+ shades look like to you! Only problem then is which to choose? The app is great and although you cannot save your favourite choices yet or see the latest trends (this will be available in a future update apparently) I still love it.

For the Shrek Forever After film OPI have launched six new shades; Fiercely Fiona, Who The Shrek Are You?, Ogre-The-Top-Blue, What's The Cattitude, Rumples Wiggin and my favourite Funky Dunkey.

Now just to decide on the right colour...

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