Thursday 8 July 2010

If there's no truth and honesty there would never be love

"You trip along through life minding your own business until one day - BANG someone steps in front of you, stops you in your tracks, leans in to kiss you and rips your heart right out of your chest. And it's alright you know, it doesn't hurt, not at first, not so long as they look after it and maybe give you theirs in return. And you might be lucky that the last person to rip your heart out is the one who will look after it. The one who will wrap it in tissue paper and tinsel and stars.

Being married means you join a club, you see a lot of other people with rings on their fingers and you go "Oh yeah I did that". I stood up in front of the world, told someone that I love them and I wanted to be with them for the rest of my life. And it really doesn't matter how you do it, any way you do it, just as long as there's truth and honesty. If there's no truth and honesty there would never be love, no beauty"
Kelly Maguire, Shameless TV Series (played by Sally Carman)

Someone who reads my blog might be interested to know that the series is mainly written by Paul Abbott who was born and bred in Burnley. Much of the series is based on his own experiences growing up there.

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