Friday 30 July 2010

5 Year Meme

I was tagged by Louise over at WeeWifie's World for this 5 year Meme.

So here goes

Question 1: Where were you 5 years ago?

Five years ago I had just handed my notice at my record store job and was about to attempt to get into football coaching for work (see more in this blog about it). I also had just started seeing a guy who at the time I fell for hook, line and sinker but as it turns out he wasn't really the one to have my love. But you have to go through these things to learn right?

Question 2:  Where would you want to be in 5 years time?

Why does five years ago seem like no time at all but yet looking ahead five years seems to be ages away? Weird. Anyway in five years time I hope to have moved into our house, if not I want a very good reason why we haven't! :-) I hope I'm still doing the work that I do now, cannot imagine doing anything else now. I hope that I have travelled some more and have met some new lovely people.

Question 3:  What are 5 things on your "To Do" list today

1. Send weekly report email to my boss (I actually will forget to do this and will send it tomorrow morning, I think I've sent it once or twice on time, it's a good thing he knows he'll get it eventually!)
2. My friend (Future bride) gets married this weekend so I need to pick up the dresses!
3. Tesco food shop order (nom nom nom)
4. Enrol in beekeeping course (very excited, such a geek!)
5. Plan September holiday!

Question 4:  What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

1. Chocolate (of course!)
2. Nuts! ;-) Pistachios and Cashews are my favourites
3. Crisps - Prawn Cocktail Seabrook Crisps are my favourite with Salty Dog crisps a close second
4. Cupcakes!
5. Bourbon biscuits - I can never just eat one!

Question 5:  What would you do if you were a billionaire?

Haha! I don't even buy a lottery ticket any more so the chances of this happening are very slim! But anyway time to dream;
  •  I would buy Manchester United out of the clutches of The Glazers! 
  •  If the house has not been finished, will make sure we get it done!
  •  Make sure family have their dream homes too
  •  Set up trust funds for Little man, my cousin and my god children for when they turn 21
  •  Set up my own coaching academy (would be cheeky and link it in with Manchester United but would want it in my name of course!)
  • Donate money to selected charities on a monthly basis but actually go and visit where my money goes to
  • Have a holiday home in New York, Spain, France and Australia. (Just a few)
  • Let Spurs boy have all the super cars that he wants :-) As long as I can drive them
  • Own EVERY single pair of Louboutins available
I'll stop now before I get too silly. :-)
Now I just need to tag 5 people so here goes:



    The Jelly Monster said...

    I love Memes so I'm gonna steal this one to do, oh and bee keeping..that's so scary!!

    Sarah said...

    Bee-keeping isn't scary.

    Well maybe a little...