Thursday 29 July 2010

A parcel for me?

You may remember I'm part of the Secret Post Club scheme. I love it. The scheme has been on a bit of hiatus recently as poor Heather who set it up and got inundated with people joining and what seemed a small idea in principle has suddenly grown. We now use Elfster to help cut down the time Heather needs to spend organising it all.

But anyway onto my new parcel, can you see those lovely goodies above. MINE! There was a beautiful butterfly card from Michelle who has a blog here. (Not only do you get a parcel but you get to meet new people and read more blogs every month!)

Sorry back to my parcel; there was a bar of Choxi chocolate, am I the last person to try this? It's absolutely devine. There was also a gorgeous memo pad block which is being saved for when I move house.

Perfect! Soon it will be time for the next one, I love picking out what to send too. Thanks again Michelle!


The Jelly Monster said...

Michelle got you?! I got Michelle!! Man I hope Michelle gets me next time

Emma said...

What great presents! I love being part of the Secret Post Club!!!

MrsShilts said...

I love the doodle block! I've never heard of the chocolate either but I bet its yummy :)

Julie - Kailexness said...

No you are not the last one, I haven't seen that chocolate before, I shall have to keep an eye out now :-)

Not From Lapland said...

oooh, I've never heard of that chocolate! i hope it's as yummy as it looks.

Sarah said...

The chocolate is indeed yummy!

Love being a part of secret post club!