Monday 19 July 2010

Not just any Birthday Card...

My birthday has been and gone, it was back over 2 and a half months ago, and you already know I'm pretty behind with my blogs and that's why this one is now appearing in July. Oh well, it still matters no matter when I blog about it.

The above card was sent to me this year for my birthday by my Dad and Stepmum. It looks like just a normal card, but it isn't. Excusing the fact that it's obviously bought by two important people in my life, the significance of this card is huge. I'm just not sure they know why.

This you see is what people would describe as a old fashioned type of card, you know the ones with lots of writing inside on different pages before you get to the page where you know who it is from.

Inside the card reads:

"When a daughter is as thoughtful as you, you want her to know how much you appreciate all she does...

When a daughter is as special as you, you hope for all the life's best for her...

And when a daughter is as wonderful as you, you just can't help but love her more every year".

This could be a random card that was picked, but I've had ones similar to this in recent years. Any significance? I used to get one of these type cards every year only this time they said "Granddaughter" instead of "daughter". 

I've still got a bundle of the cards my Granny used to send me every year in my memory box which has other special cards and trinkets inside. In the years since her death I've added the ones from my Dad and Stepmum. I'm not sure they realise how special it is to me to still get cards like this one.

But it does it means so much. 

What things do you keep safe in your memory box?


Unknown said...

It is probably something to do with your Dad being your Granny's son. You will start sending cards like this one day if you haven't already started to do so!

Wicked Stepmother said...

And we always pick cards that we believe are appropriate to the recipient. We will always love you very much whatever happens. Stepmum (!) and Dad xxxx